Firearm Funds

Buy & Sell Guns and Ammo .. Through Escrow ... Simple, Safe, and Secure

Firearm Funds

Buy & Sell Guns and Ammo ... Simple and Secure


Buyers and Sellers agree to their terms and then begin the process inside their management portal.  The seller posts their product(s), and then sends the seller their “item code” which connects both seller and the buyer to the same product.

Then we place the buyer’s money in an escrow account to hold this until the transaction is complete and both sides are satisfied with the transaction.

We communicate with the seller, buyer, along with both FFL’s throughout the sales process using both email and text messaging so everyone knows what to do next to help speed this process along.

Wait until you experience the ease … you’ll never do it the old way again!

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Smooth Sailing

Buyers, Sellers, and FFL’s are all in the loop throughout the process. Each party is updated of progress (and when it is their turn to act) using email and text messaging…so you can get these messages on the go.

FFL Dealer Interaction

Whether or not your Federal Firearm Licensed dealer is associated with Firearm Funds or not, they still know exactly what to do because of instructions that are easily printed by the seller when the item ships.  This helps speed things along and makes each transaction faster and easier.

You Can’t Miss

We walk you through each step of the process, whether you are a buyer, a seller, or an FFL, you always know where you are in the process and what is happening next.

 “Finally!  I wish this was around 10 years ago when I started buying and selling guns as a hobby.  This would have saved me many hours and lots of grief.  Now buying and selling guns simpler and easier than ever before…and I rest easier knowing you have my back in case something goes sideways”

Mark H.  Gun Enthusiest

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So, what are the costs?

Buyers = FREE

Seller pays 5%

For escrow and handling fee to fund the monetary exchange as well as the coordination of buying the firearm.

That’s it…sweet and simple with no hidden charges or fees.

Find Out Why Everyone is Moving to Firearm Funds

Buyers, Sellers, and FFL’s are all jumping in to coordinate the process of buying and selling guns.

Find out why!

Responsive Design

Which means this works great on your phones, iPads, and Android devices too.

Video Training

With simple training videos on the inside, you can easily learn how to buy or sell a firearm simply and securely.

Great Communication

You are notified each step of the way via email and text messaging so you always are in the loop.

Rest Assured

We only release funds when both parties have indicated they are happy with the sale.  You can rest easier knowing we have your back in case something happens along the way.

It is Free to Join!

Go ahead and sign up for an account now … it’s free!

We know you will love this new system, you can publish your item codes on Craigs list, on auction sites, and anywhere you buy and sell firearms to begin the sales process.

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Firearms Sold
FFLs Available

"By far the best experience i've had. This process works way better than I expected. I'm way more confident in selling my guns this way because the money is in escrow until the transaction is complete!"

− Josh H.

"As an FFL, we often get guns shipped to us without information on who should be receiving them. With Firearm Funds, we are pre-notified a gun has been shipped with all the most important information. Then a document is included with everything we need to know to process this....even if it needs to be returned..this makes handling these transactions a breeze."

− Jeff Gromell, FFL

"I buy and sell a lot of guns and have always felt a little uneasy about the process. I haven't necessarily had bad experiences, but the process has never been well defined. With Firearm Funds, the process is clear and simple and all you have to do is follow the text messages and everything gets done! It's awesome!"

− Andrew H., Firearm Enthusiest


I love the fact that I can be running errands and receive a text message that funds have been deposited for a gun I am selling…I feel totally in control of the process now."

− Gerald L. - Hobbiest

Is It Legal?

We keep track of firearm laws between states to alert you when it is not legal to either sell or purchase a particular firearm in your state.  You can be confident you are within the bounds of the law.

In-Depth Tutorial Videos

You can quickly learn how the whole process works when its convenient for you.  These videos are even mobile ready so you can watch them on your phone.

Keep Track of Sales

Keep a list of all your transactions in one place.  You can refer back to sales and who you sold them to (or bought from) even years later.

Effortless Product Builder

Easily enter in your firearms, ammo, or any other items you want to sell so that others can purchase these from you knowing what they will be receiving.  Add as many images as you wish.

Loaded With Power

The power behind a well structured negotiation and delivery process can really streamline your firearm purchases.

Configure Your Account

We allow you to work using Nic-Names so you can protect your real identity.  all communications come from us so you can protect this identity.  If you are comfortable trading your personal information, you can do that too.

Get ready to be amazed

You have never experienced a sale as smooth as this…